Who are we?

Our company is an international distributor of Indian designer sarees (read more about sarees here on wikipedia) and we sell our products to customers all around the world. The latest trendy fashions from India are available to shop with us. We also supply to many stores around the world including shops in Israel, Great Britain, Spain and South Africa. Our customers are spread all around the world and the usually shop our collections because they are very unique and they're extremely good quality. One of our main customers is a company that sells Sarees in USA and Great Britain called Strand of Silk. See some of our sarees on their website.

Background about Our Products

Indian clothes are available all around the world and they are very much in fashion right now. All famous celebrities and people who are conscious about fashion, including a lot of international celebrities and stars wear these style of clothes. People from all around the world shop in India for their wedding and traditional clothes. One of the most popular types of traditional clothing is the Indian Saree.

People even when they come back home buy the traditional styled Sarees because they represent very good value for money. There are a lot of different ways in which you can wear these sarees and it looks difficult but it is usually not so difficult.

Some case studies from our most important clients.

Strand of Silk are one of our important customers. This company sells Indian Sarees using their online website.

This company buys a lot of different material of sarees like Silk and Cotton sarees that are usually hand-woven and made for wedding customers. They place an order every season and we have seen an increase of 30% year on year order volumes from this customer.

FDCI is the official fashion body of India and organises a lot of fashion events in the country.


The FDCI is the most important authority in india for fashion. It is the association that all fashion designers become a member of and they get recognition through this process.

The association undertakes a lot of initiatives to promote Indian designers and their creations - from organising large scale fashion shows like the amazon india fashion week to events that help designers showcase their collections to international customers and buyers out of India.

The association also promotes Indian crafts and artisans through different initiatives. We have worked with the FDCI in the past on some projects related to Indian Sarees and also provided some content to their team from international customers.

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When sending us a question, please try to include as many specific details as you can because this makes it easier for our team to locate the product and the specific manufacturer that you are enquiring about.

If you prefer to speak to someone on the phone, then by all means you can call us on +1 214-207-2595